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The dark sides of Facebook

Those who have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone, know the problem. The app sends personal data unencrypted over the network to servers and storage from Facebook. Facebook shows how they ignore the privacy concerns of registered users. Facebook also know any SMS that you send or receive from them his friends. So Facebook can create a profile of one. And if you yourself have not installed the Facebook app on your smartphone, then just another one of the friends do.

Generally everything is what we evaluate users on Facebook, comment under posts, click or even share a status update stored. Facebook knows everything and stores any interaction. The mark on the photos and the personal information that you reveal are also stored. Facebook saves even the deleted data. A true paradise for intelligence like the NSA, because Facebook continues to sell the data and properly deserves it.

So Amazon is interested on what pages clicked the consumer and for which he himself is interested to display in the perfect advertising riders to operate effectively as possible marketing. Tricky is that the consumer not only his own profile data is available for Facebook, but also that of his friends, without them knowing about it or could do something about it.

If you had been asked earlier, with whom you are friends, you could these people, who are a very important list. Facebook uses the term friendship for each person making a confirmed request, even though you have only ever seen one in life. Suddenly, all people have an average of over 200 friends. The social network Facebook has countless users with which you can connect too. This social networking is unfortunately not real.

On the Internet there are countless online games. Many of them are even free. And in most games does not release his personal data for any development companies who they can do with it what ever they want.

Facebook has spy cookies stored on all computers from which you had logged on. You click on "log out" and log out from Facebook. You think that you are now completely disconnected from Facebook. But a cookie with a life of 2 years is installed on the computer. This cookie will track every visit of mine on a site on which a "Like" button is installed. Facebook knows despite logouts, on what websites I am staying when emblazoned on these pages the " Like" button . Also if the cookie does not exist, Facebook has long done until someone has complained.

(Alexander Breyer (Alexander_Breyer))