Critical Thinking Media Competence

Facebook—Essay 1

If one would try to list all the social media programs that exist on the Internet, it would probably take him a few days as there are so many of them. But without any doubt, Facebook stays the most popular and powerful one and lots of especially young people identify themselves with this website. What is actually interesting about it was that it was never planned to use it in the whole world’s public.

The main founder Mark Zuckerberg was actually creating the website with a few friends as a community for all the other Harvard students. In September 2013 his personal wealth was estimated to be 19 billion. But how is the man behind this website actually living and what kind of person is he?

One interesting fact about Zuckerberg could be that he is a vegetarian. Another one is that he’s married to a woman called Priscilla Chan, a fellow student who he began dating in 2003. They met at a party and she seems to be an intelligent woman as she has a medical degree. Beneath that, Zuckerberg has chosen the color blue for the facebook page for a good reason. Since he’s born, he has a red-green color blindness. All this sounds like some ordinary students like you and me had an (at that moment) funny and seemingly senseless idea and were making it real, which all in all sounds pretty innocent.

But the problem with facebook is that it is keeping things away from you. Most of the posts of your friends don’t actually appear on your news page so you can see them. The same problem shows up with pages your friends ‘like’ or pages they follow. In fact, facebook automatically deletes posts of friends if you never ‘like’ them. These friends kind of dissapear completely from your news page and as a result of that, you start to always see the same posts of the same friends. In this way, facebook tries to find the things you normally like and implies you might like them again.

In reality, there exist a lot of posts that you see, like and do not ‘like’ in that moment, just because you are in a rush or just not that active on facebook. In reality, facebook uses its power to filter in order to make money... There even exists the possibility for anyone who has too much money to spend, especially Stars, to buy ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ for their own facebook page. These people really want to profile themselves on their facebook page to look better for the public. Another point is that every single person who likes something on facebook, is actually making advertising for that thing or person. So we are all living advertisement without even recognizing it. Nearly no person would really click on the advertising on the right side of the page, because no one goes on facebook for the advertising. So shouldn’t we all get our small amount of money out of facebook’s profit?

It Is pretty interesting that young people, who really make a step out of this community, loose some kind of connection to all the other members. Most people can’t even imagine living without this connection anymore. And no one wants to be an outsider, so the trend is going to go on for the next years. But at some point, social networks advance and there is going to be a website that takes over facebook’s place.

That upcoming website is going to provide completely safeness of your personal data as this is one of the main problems people have with facebook. Or maybe it is even controlled by the government to make it even worse.

Zuckerberg seems to be completely overstrained with what has happened to his facebook baby. He might not have planned the dimension that the idea embraced and didn’t even plan to plaster it with advertising. After all, he is set for life with his billions of dollars, thanks to 1.15 billion monthly users. (Jan 2014, Janine Ruser)